Monday, January 23, 2012

The talented Mr. Fellowes

Like most of you, I'm swooning over Downton Abbey: the compelling characters,  the splendid sets and locations, the detailed period costumes, all enriching the drama penned by Julian Fellowes.  To enjoy more of his engaging storytelling, open the covers of his two novels, Snobs and Past Imperfect.  Neither is a period novel (unless, of course, you didn't come of age in the 60's and therefore consider anything set in that era to be "period"), but if you like a good English comedy of manners done with wit, charm and, yes, affection, then these are for you.  I often speculate on whether I would personally like an author of a book I've read, and I can imagine sitting down to a pleasant and entertaining lunch with Mr. Fellowes.  You might also like to check out his acting skills as Lord Kilwillie in the 2000-2005 BBC series Monarch of the Glen.

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  1. We also love Downton Abbey, AKA Downtown Abbey. Now I'm trying to remember Lord Kilwillie from Monarch. I'll just have to Google him.