Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are you curious?

Curious about art? About science? Nature? Places and people? About all sorts of things?  Then you'll want to take a daily look at Kuriositas, the website of R.J. Evans who "write[s] about the stuff [he] think[s] is worth pointing out to others and saying hey, look at that." Some of the many things he's pointed out in the brief time since I discovered the site are:

A Magical Mermaid Miscellany (mermaid statues from around the world),

 and The Story of Symbols (that's the asterisk).
Some are amusing, some are serious, some are thought-provoking; all are informative in one way or another. I only regret that I have so recently come upon it, but the upside of that is the two and a half years of archives awaiting any moment when I might feel a hint of boredom coming on. 


  1. Just what I needed to jumpstart my brain and avoid reading sewing blogs (which I am a bit tired of right now). Thanks!!

  2. Thanks Julia, for this lovely write up!