Sunday, September 2, 2012

Designing woman

There are several hundred submissions to Illustration Friday each week, so, of course, I never look at them all.  Still, I'm surprised that I never came across any of Nickey Linzey's work, as I discovered she has a been a regular contributor.  On IF's newly revamped website, the "thumbnails" are now quite large, making it easy to see which ones you find appealing.  Now tell me, don't you find Nicky's take on "Tall" appealing?

Once I had clicked over to her blog, I was totally entranced by what I would call her designing fluency.  Trying to decide which couple to show you here called for great restraint on my part because each one is a delight, an arresting interpretation of the topic. You must go see for yourself.  And you'll enjoy not only her wonderful illustrations but also her charming views of rural England where she lives.



  1. These would be great as fabric :-)

    1. My first thought when I saw "Tall" was that it was silk painting.

  2. Julia, Imagine my surprise when I clicked on your blog and saw this! Thank you for your interest and kind words. I actually trained in textile design and spent the first few years of my business hand painting on silk so all these years later it must still come through in my work.