Thursday, November 1, 2012

Illustration Friday -Haunt

Haunt This was an unfinished Illustration Friday from two years ago that seemed perfect for this week's theme.  What I kept of my original effort was the background landscape, photographed by me on a very foggy day at Queen Wilhelmina State Park in Arkansas, and the old sepia image of the lovely woman. All composed in Photoshop, of course. I used the Topaz Simplify filters on the landscape, and there are a couple of adjustment layers on it to further alter the tone, as there are also on the image of the woman.  The moths are from a collection of graphics I have had and used for many years: Broderbund ClickArt 200,000. It's a 14-disc set containing all sorts of images, fonts, photos, and which you can still buy on eBay and the like.  These are not hi-res images, but I still find them very useful for everything from making greeting cards to incorporating in montages. Underneath the landscape layer there's also a grey border layer on top of the white background layer. And that's it! 

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