Thursday, February 16, 2012

Illustration Friday – Popularity

For this week's Illustration Friday challenge, I decided  to create a collage with only what I could find at The Graphics Fairy.  Which is a treasure-trove of a blog filled with vintage images, from old photos to advertising ephemera, yours to use for profit or pleasure, with just a few conditions.  There are also linked and related blogs: The Background Fairy and The Graphics Fairy DYI.  Click on over to get some crafting inspiration and ideas.

I thought this smiling young woman looked like a good representation of Popularity, chatting on the telephone, receiving postcards and billet-doux. (Actually, the bottom one is a receipt, but that extravagant penmanship looks romantic, doesn't it?)  I've used some filters on the woman's photo and lightly hand-colored the final result.  Other than that, nothing tricky, just layering the various elements, enjoying a little romp with Photoshop.



  1. I like it. I is narrative and I can look at it for a long time just because of the details.