Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art and interconnectivity

Okay, I imagine that post title sounds a little abstruse, but I'll explain it.  The art is that of Katherine Allen-Coleman.  Isn't this Paper Dolls series with buttons and stitching and collaged pattern pieces perfect for us sewers!  You can see lots more of her work on her Dress Paintings blog.  And here's where the inter-connectivity comes in.  She came to my attention when she commented on my blog post about the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival; as well as exhibiting at the festival, she and her husband were in one of the photos I took there.  And she mentioned my post and blog on her Facebook page...which explained the mystery of why I received so many views via Facebook.  Back to Katherine's blog, not only is it a treat to see and read about her artwork, it's also interesting to get to "know" someone who travels and exhibits at shows like the one I just attended.  I always enjoy chatting a bit with some of the artists; this in-depth look is so much better.

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