Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trinity River Audubon Center

Coreopsis tinctoria
Last Tuesday we packed a picnic and set off to the Trinity River Audubon Center.  Less than five years ago the center's 120 acres were an illegal dumping ground.  Now you can wander among fields and ponds, a diversity of habitats where wildflowers, insects and birds abound.

Pollen-laden bee on coreopsis

It's not a dramatic landscape, but it yields its charms to to close observation.

Daddy long legs or harvestman, not a true spider
unknown insect on unknown blossom

Monarda citriodora, bee balm
 I think we were somewhat between blooming seasons on this visit; when we had gone a couple of years ago, on a post-rain morning in September, the landscape was richer with color.  (You can see my photos from that day on Flickr.)

After walking the trails, we returned to the striking "green" building which houses kid-friendly exhibits, classrooms, meeting rooms, a nature store, great hall, and indoor and outdoor eating areas. 


Oh yes, there is a Trinity River overlook, so here's my view; I have to say it doesn't look all that appealing, but Mr. C has been longing to have a row on it.    

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