Sunday, March 31, 2013

A quick trip to Asia

No airplanes or ocean liners involved.  Just a dozen-mile drive north on Greenville Avenue takes us to the Tian Tian Supermarket which shares a strip with a bevy of assorted Asian restaurants and little shops.  The statuary alone is worth the trip!  After lunch at the Jeng Chi restaurant (where almost everyone was wielding chopsticks), we headed to the treasure trove of the supermarket. There are unusual fruits and vegetables, fish and meats, as well as freshly prepared foods, and I like to peruse them all.  But what really delights me are the jars and cans and packages with their colorful labels and intriguing ingredients.  Flavors of countries and cultures that have traveled across oceans, ready to take the senses on a exotic journey while we're seated at our Texas table.


  1. Great pics. Gotta get me some of that dried snow fungus.

  2. Used to go there with a friend who was a cook. Wanted to buy stuff just for the cool packaging. By the way, while you're going north, have you seen Indian grocery Taj Mahal, in the shopping center at Central & Beltline in Richardson where the new Alamo Draft House is supposed to be opening? I drop by for mango pulp for lassis (sp)?

  3. ah, fried snow fungus. Off to Google this.