Thursday, March 14, 2013

Illustration Friday - Yesterday

It ws a day of golden sun, the meadow purple with larkspurs. She sat with her sister on the grass, both young and eager and laughing, summer in their hearts.  And all those long years later she could remember that charmed moment as if it were yesterday.
I was inspired by this lovely, evocative photo which I found on Flickr from Robert & Suzanne Pittenger's album, dating from the 1910s on.  A simpler time, although not a gentler one, despite all the smiling faces in these photographs.  But perhaps a more optimistic time.  And I hope these people were as good and kind as most of them appear to be, that their lives were as full and rich as in these brief glimpses. Thanks to Paul-W for making it available via Creative Commons. I used Topaz Simplify filters on one copy of the image, as I also did on one copy of the background image which is one of my own photos. Nothing too complicated here, just several copies of each image with different blend modes, some masking and some color adjustments, all done in Photoshop, of course.  A pleasure to compose.

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